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I agree with the mess that we are given to figure out what fields are usefull. first the LM_Char_30_7 is LM_char30_7 this may be a typo on your part, but i noticed that they are mixing capital and non capital for char and int. the field is now called unofficial town, the truth is it useless anyway, town and VillageName are all that is needed, i compared the official town with the City field and they are identical in the current feed.

but the multi feed is still breaking because of a bad field LM_char5_19 that needs to fixed, for Unit 2 lease Term they created a new field but left the old one populated and it has five characters and seasonal is 6 characters.

the moral of the story is i compare the metadata with the spreadsheets and they do not always match. this is most likely as much fault with neren as with paragon, neren keeps adding and changing stuff.