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A RESOURCES LIST -- (updated: 08/09/2018)

asked 2018-08-09 05:48:14 -0600

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If you are a developer who is new to RESO protocols like RETS and RESO WEB, the following short list of resources will be helpful.

  1. RETSMD.COM -- You can login to your MLS using anyone of the RETS versions (1.5 to 1.8). This is a useful way to get a LIVE data dictionary and schema of a specific MLS.

  2. RESO.ORG -- The RESO standards body. Additional RETS and RESO WEB tools/utilities, links to RESO code repositories and other useful information.

  3. DMQL and DMQL/2 -- RETS uses the Data Mining Query Language (DMQL) to structure RETS queries. There are few resources on DMQL, HOWEVER this one has been the most helpful. A web search for DMQL or DMQL/2 will give you others.

  4. National Association of Realtors® -- NAR's resources for RETS-based developers. A bit dated, but there are some resources here that are not on the RESO site.


There are other resources on GitHub or other repositories for RETS and RESO code frameworks. This POST is not intended to be used for answering questions, simply a list of resources for developers.


To add to this list, simply post an ANSWER. In this way we can quickly get a count of answers, and be notified via email of any new resources.


To update and answer use the method that describes your role with the answer.

  • AUTHOR of ANSWER: Simply edit your ANSWER (resource) provided.
  • FOR OTHERS: Post a COMMENT to the specific ANSWER.
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answered 2018-08-14 16:31:38 -0600

Thanks for posting this good information.

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