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Missing fields - depending on RETS client used

We have a custom RETS library that we've used for years to query RETS data. Recently, we upgraded the code to authenticate correctly with RETS version 1.7.2 (not sure if this is related to the problem, or just coincidence).

Now, the library is no longer able to retrieve Lat/Lng geo points for listing data. They just come back blank.

To troubleshoot, we used the RETS Connector tool using all the same server URL and credentials for our RETS account. The RETS Connector tool did return lat/lng geo data.

We use the same server and credentials in our custom library, and while we get other listing data without problem, the lat/lng data are missing.

Using WireShark, we were able to determine that the two HTTP requests very similar with two notable differences:

  1. The RETS Connector uses a GET request with a query string while our custom library uses a POST with form data.
  2. The user agent string is different (obviously)

Aside from that, we could identify no notable differences. The RETS select fields were the same. The actual query was the same, etc.

We've been assured that our profile and permissions haven't changed, and it doesn't make sense that this would be the problem anyway since one tool can get the data while the other can't.

Any idea how this could be happening?