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GetObject Primary Key & Deleted Records

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1.) Looking to confirm what is the unique primary key field(s) for a get object record?

a.) What is the primary key(s) for GetObject ?

Can Content-ID, Object-ID be used together as a unique Primary Key?

b.) Same question put another way: Is it possible to have more than one GetObject record per Content-ID (MlsNumber) with the same Object-ID, X-Document-Type and X-Document-Type values?

c.) Would this be true, only 1 record for the same Content-ID (MLSNumber)

WHERE Object-ID = 6

AND X-Document-Type = 25

AND X-Document-Type = Listing Contract—Private

2.) Deleted Object records:

a.) Can an Object record can be deleted?

b.) Do Deleted Object records just go away or is there a field or resource to identify deleted object records?

Thanks, Tony