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What criteria triggers "maxrows_reached: true"?

Hello and thank you for any help in advance!

I was curious if someone knew what objective criteria a RETS server uses to determine if a max number of rows for a search query result set has been reached. I'm assuming it is going to be based on the size of the the data returned, but I haven't found definitive information indicating one way or another.

For example, running a query of (L_ListingID=0+) matches 3400+ records, and in this situation maxrows_reached is true and returned_results_count is limited to 2500 records. However, when I run the same query but with an option of 'Select' => 'L_DisplayId', only asking for the MLS number, all 3400+ records are returned and maxrows_reached is false. This leads me to believe that the size of the data returned had not hit some limit.

If this is the case, is there some mechanism/standard that we can use when coding, knowing in some situations we'll have to build in batching/paging/an offset, but in other situations, we can have confidence that a search will not hit a definitive data limit that will trigger maxrows_reached: true?

Thanks again for any help! If my question needs more clarification, just let me know.