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IP Address Restrictions?

Over the past year, we have been developing a new data loader to manage our ingestion of data from the MLSs that we receive data from. This is advantageous for both WolfNet and the MLS, in that while we would be making a higher volume of requests, the actual data download would be much smaller, as we are pulling smaller chunks of data with more frequency.

We are very close to pushing this into production, however, there are a few items that we wanted to verify and check on prior to that happening. Would you be able to provide information in regards to the below items?

  1. Is access to the data feed currently IP address protected? If so, would we be able to add additional addresses? IPs to add for our systems: and

  2. Are there any restrictions or limitations in regards to the number of data requests allowed at one time? If so, can you please provide the limit and/or clarify the connection limits? Are multiple connections allowed?

Also, whatever the restrictions (or lack thereof), does this apply to ALL Paragon MLS feeds?