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2015-11-03 12:01:08 -0500 marked best answer Vendor unable to pull sold data, error code 20201

We are not able to pull Sold data. I have included below our query being used, our direct query on the FNIS website, and the reply we receive.

Query: retsX -u 'homz4u2' -p '*' -l '' -v 'RETS/1.5' -a 'WolfnetTechnologies' -t Search -q 'Limit=NONE&QueryType=DMQL2&StandardNames=0&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Query=((L_SoldPrice=100001-300000),(L_StatusCatID=2))'

Web Query: retsX -u 'homz4u2' -p '*' -l '' -v 'RETS/1.5' -a 'WolfnetTechnologies' -t Search -q 'Limit=NONE&QueryType=DMQL2&StandardNames=0&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Query=((L_SoldPrice=100001-300000),(L_StatusCatID=2))'

Both queries return the same result: <rets replycode="20201" ReplyText="No Records Found."&gt;.&lt;/p&gt; ">

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