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2015-11-03 12:01:07 -0500 marked best answer What is the best method of customizing a site using RETS?

We have designed and built a handful of real estate websites in the past and at present. We typically build custom CMS websites and use third party IDX plugins to pull in the real estate data. With that said, any third party IDX we have used just is not up to our standards and we're handcuffed by their limitations - making it very difficult to customize the interface as well as the way the data displays within the website. Not to mention most of them don't allow for some very simple functions.

I was told that by using a custom RETS feed, we would be able to take the data and basically customize it 100%. I would like to know how this is done? Where do we get the data? How can I learn more about using the RETS feed for a specific brokerage and pull the data into our website and then begin to customize how the data displays?

Thanks a bunch.

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