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2015-12-15 12:49:06 -0500 commented question character encoding

The library we're using is phrets. Not sure what's up, but there are lots of them showing this issue?

Thanks guys!

2015-12-14 17:52:18 -0500 asked a question character encoding

I'd like to thank you again for all the help on this's been so quick and incredibly helpful.

I have one last question and it has to do with the character encoding of the data they are returning. I'm seeing characters like this in the description fields:


The DB collation and charset are both utf8. Are they not returning utf8 data for their description? If not, what charset do they use so I can decode properly?

2015-12-14 15:35:19 -0500 asked a question Feed only returning single image

Thanks to bwolven for solving my previous problem. We're now pulling properties, but it's only returning a single image per property.

This is the image request, which should pull all images, but they are returning only one:


Would you have any idea why that would be?

Thanks again!

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2015-12-07 15:30:41 -0500 asked a question RETS feed returning no results

Hey everyone!

We are trying to connect the RETS feed to our new site. We're using the standard queries by the last modified date and the feed is returning no results. The agents and companies are working great, so the feed works.

We've playing with this for quite a while and can't get it to return any property listings. I'm wondering if the RETS user account is misconfigured or something?

Here's the actual debug of a request I'm making to try to grab all listings with a price over $1. It returns no results.

Has anyone else had this problem before, or would have any idea how to solve it?

Thanks! * Found bundle for host 0x268c930 * Re-using existing connection! (#0) with host * Connected to ( port 80 (#0) * Server auth using Digest with user 'apostlerets'

GET /rets/fnisrets.aspx/SAAM/search?SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Query=%28%28L_AskingPrice%3D1%2B%29%29&QueryType=DMQL2&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Limit=2500&Offset=1&RestrictedIndicator=RESTRICTED&StandardNames=0 HTTP/1.1 Authorization: Digest username="apostlerets", realm="SAAM", nonce="2015-12-05T04:28:54", uri="/rets/fnisrets.aspx/SAAM/search?SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Query=%28%28L_AskingPrice%3D1%2B%29%29&QueryType=DMQL2&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Limit=2500&Offset=1&RestrictedIndicator=RESTRICTED&StandardNames=0", cnonce="ZTJmMzgyNWYwZWVjMGM3ZjAwMDA3MmYwMDAwNDYyYTU=", nc=00000002, qop=auth, response="0914924858cd44da9d66de36fc6a32b3", opaque="" Host: Accept-Encoding: gzip Cookie: RETS-Session-ID=-50877c81-ce61-4387-a09c-c1a0af081246- Accept: / RETS-Version: RETS/1.5 User-Agent: IPROPERTY/1.0

< HTTP/1.1 200 OK < Cache-Control: private < Content-Type: text/xml; charset=utf-8 < Expires: Mon, 01 Jan 0001 00:00:00 GMT * Server Microsoft-IIS/7.5 is not blacklisted < Server: Microsoft-IIS/7.5 < RETS-Server: RETS-Paragon/1.0 < RETS-Version: RETS/1.5 < X-SERVER: A51 < Date: Sat, 05 Dec 2015 04:18:54 GMT < Vary: Accept-Encoding < Content-Encoding: gzip < Content-Length: 101 < Connection: Keep-Alive < * Connection #0 to host left intact