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2016-03-15 17:16:16 -0500 commented question Difference in Virtual Tour Fields?

Oops I meant to include the description and not my local provider's configuration field names. Just wondering what the difference is between Video/Virtual Tour and the Branded/Syndicated tour. Does that help or do you still need credentials? Thanks!

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2016-03-14 17:13:30 -0500 asked a question Difference in Virtual Tour Fields?

It appears I have two fields to pull a video from: VT_VTourURL (for Video/Virtual Tour) as well as VT_ExtVTourURL (for Branded/Syndicated Tour).

What is the difference between these two fields, and what are the applications/reasons for using one over the other?

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2016-01-07 01:02:41 -0500 commented answer How to tell the order of photos?

Thanks, that helps me write the logic of my script. ObjectID it is!

2016-01-06 17:48:44 -0500 asked a question How to tell the order of photos?

Hi Everyone,

I've got a little script that organizes property photos into a featured image (the primary image that appears in search listings) vs. gallery images (subsequent images that can be viewed upon visiting the property's detail page).

How should I distinguish which photo should be used as the featured/primary image? Right now, I am just putting the first photo returned into the featured spot, then all photos returned after that are put into the gallery. But I am not sure if that is correct, and could not find any documentation on this. My data provider isn't sure about this either.

I have a few hypothesis:

First I notice that photos have a Object-ID parameter, so I am curious if perhaps that is the better parameter to use when distinguishing primary vs. secondary images. (for example if the agent moves an image to the first spot, does the Object-ID then become 1?).

Second I also notice that there is a specific file naming convention when it comes to images, using the MLS number and an alphabetical suffix. For example for mls number 44332 the images would be named:

44332, 44332A, 44332B, 44332C

So I am wondering if the naming of the files has anything to do with the order.

Unfortunately there isn't much info available on this so I am only left with theories! Can anyone advise on this based on their experiences?

2016-01-06 17:27:31 -0500 answered a question Difference in date/timestamp fields, and GMT standardization

Thanks for confirming mdean, L_UpdateDate is indeed what I'm looking for... it will tell me whenever something (anything) changes data-wise, and that will trigger a general re-save of all the data for that property in my script. Easy enough!

As for the images, thanks for the head's up on the Photo field, my provider warned me about that as well. So in the end I can move forward and write my script knowing that I can anchor update logic around those two fields (L_UpdateDate and L_Last_Photo_Updt).

For anyone else reading, my data provider informed me that the timestamps are GMT regardless of where your feed of interest is located geographically.

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2016-01-06 16:27:11 -0500 asked a question Difference in date/timestamp fields, and GMT standardization

Hi everyone, first time poster... nice to be here!

Does anyone know intricacies of the date fields? For example my data provider has a number of fields pertaining to date, and I've pasted the array fart below. They seem to be pretty self-explanatory (L_PriceDate = the time stamp that marks when a particular property's PRICE was changed, and nothing more).

[L_ListingDate] => List Date

[L_HotSheetDate] => Hotshot Date

[L_StatusDate] => Status Date

[L_PriceDate] => Price Date

[L_InputDate] => Input Date

[L_UpdateDate] => Update Date

However I would like to know if there is a MASTER timestamp field that ALWAYS updates whenever the property listing changes in ANY way. More specifically, I am wondering if my hunch is correct that L_UpdateDate behaves this way... meaning it always updates regardless of the nature of the update. (Meaning a fresh timestamp will be saved anytime a Price changes, or the Status changes, or an Input changes, etc). For obvious reasons it would be easier to have a master timestamp field to tell your script "hey... this property changed somehow... so re-save all its data!" as opposed to checking many different fields for individual/isolated changes.

As a follow up, will all the timestamps always be in GMT? My provider is for Hawaii Real Estate, but it appears timestamps come in the form of GMT.

Thanks in advance for the advice guys! Sorry if these questions were already answered, I searched but could not find anything :(