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2020-01-06 10:29:10 -0500 commented answer NSAR Incomplete Data Set

Is there a template they can use to make sure we have all the fields, please?

2020-01-05 12:29:06 -0500 asked a question NSAR Incomplete Data Set

NSAR Incomplete Data Set RETS URL: Account: Tanit Marketing Solutions Inc. (IDX) I just notic

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2016-08-23 06:02:37 -0500 asked a question Unauthorized Query. You are not authorized access to the field [LM_char10_60]

I have started getting this error on August 15 every time I try to do a search count with L_UpdateDate. Since the entire system relies on that search to see if there were any updates since the last execution, I am 100% blocked.

Board: NSAR

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2016-04-19 22:25:22 -0500 commented answer HTTPS images

Would it be possible to have an update on this feed once there's any progress? We're also interested in this option.

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2016-04-19 18:21:02 -0500 asked a question Paragon SSL Certificate (Images)

Same issue as the "Paragon SSL Certificate" question (asked on April 14) is happening for the SSL Certificate for the images at

Would it be possible to fix the SSL certificate in there?