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2016-04-25 02:00:20 -0500 asked a question Where to find documentation for the RETS data returned

Hello! I'm building an system that integrates data from , username: PDS. Thanks to bwolven’s invaluable help I was able to set up the connection, but the data returned is not self-explanatory so I need some additional documentation.

For example, L_KeywordN fields contain values like "0", "1", and "N/A". Since these would make very bad keywords, I assume the L_Keyword fields were re-purposed to keep some other data. Other fields names are not helpful per se, e.g. LM_CharN_K don't tell anything about what kind of information they store.

I assume there must be some description of these fields, that would explain the data format. How can I access it?

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Thank you! That worked.

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2016-04-20 10:23:00 -0500 asked a question Using RETS with WP-Property Importer

How do I set up the WP-Property Importer plugin for WordPress to use RETS data?

I've tried with this data:

I'm getting the following error message: "The search query failed because this provider requires certain attributes to be included in the search query. Required attribute(s):" (sic)

What can this mean, and how can I setup the plugin to use RETS data correctly? I'm not sure about the resource class and primary key, probably I should use others, but where can I find them?