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2016-09-13 07:42:58 -0500 asked a question NNEREN Land lookup fields are missing data

I am making queries like this:

For next fields there are always empty data, while for old server there are some data available:

"LFD_Amenities_234", "LFD_AuctionInfo_37", "LFD_DocumentsAvailable_39", "LFD_Electric_40", "LFD_Exposure_42", "LFD_Financing_45", "LFD_AreaDescription_47", "LFD_PermitStatus_49", "LFD_LandRestrictions_46", "LFD_Roads_51", "LFD_Sewer_52", "LFD_ShoreRights_53", "LFD_Water_58", "LFD_Services_57", "LFD_SuitableUse_253", "LFD_LotDescription_233" "LFD_SaleIncludes_207", "LM_Char10_19",

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2016-08-29 10:26:50 -0500 commented answer Low photo resolution

Are there any dates when this will be completed? And what RETS "PhotoType" will be used for higher resolution images?

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2016-08-29 09:57:35 -0500 asked a question Open House L_Class and L_Type_


I have selected some data from NNEREN RETS OH tables and appears that columns L_Class and L_Type_ are empty. Can someone give an information on if these fields going to be filled?