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2017-06-08 21:10:29 -0600 asked a question NEREN Photos GetObject slow this week

NEREN Photos GetObject slow this week Hi, I'm not sure exactly when this started, but it is taking quite a long time to

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2016-11-18 16:17:29 -0600 marked best answer Innovia/Paragon AssociationFees

Hi, I don't see a conversion value in the Innovia/Paragon mapping documentation for AssociationFees. For Paragon Residential, I've narrowed it down to LM_Dec_1, LM_Dec_10, or LM_Dec_11. The problem is that the Innovia AssociationFees (which is 1 field) sometimes match LM_Dec_1, sometimes it's LM_Dec_11 and sometimes it does not match at all. I'm certain that these 3 Paragon fields are not added together to get the Innovia AssociationFee, so either the Paragon data is not correct or I'm overlooking something.

The RETS metadata is not very descriptive for these 3 fields so I'm looking for some guidance on how to handle this field. Thanks, David

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2016-10-10 17:07:17 -0600 commented answer NEREN photos in portrait orientation

We are downloading via GetObject and uploading to AWS (per our client). I believe Innovia was using whitepace (see here for an example) for photos to keep aspect ratios consistent and this no longer exists with Paragon.

2016-10-10 16:17:39 -0600 marked best answer LM_Char10_26 (Garage Type) is always null

Hi, I'm finding that LM_Char10_26 (Garage Type) is always null. This is a critical field which includes Detached, Attached, Carport, etc. Am I overlooking something or is a lookup not being populated issue?

Thank you, David

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2016-10-05 16:12:48 -0600 commented question Latitude and longitude are missing on some listings

Same here - we are using LM_char100_5 and LM_char100_6. There are two new fields that appeared mid/late Sept called LMD_MP_Longitude and LMD_MP_Latitude. I hope that's not where the lat/long is now populating.

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2016-09-30 18:06:47 -0600 asked a question NEREN photos in portrait orientation

Hi, Our client pointed out that photos on their website in portrait mode are squashed whereas the same photos in Innovia were not. Looking at the website code the images are constrained to a fixed window so this is understandable. My question is does anyone know if Innovia resizes portrait photos to landscape by adding whitespace to the sides?

Here is an example of a photo in portrait mode.

Thanks, David

2016-09-30 17:49:37 -0600 commented question NEREN rets photos

We downloaded about 40K photos last night at a clip of about 1000 every 4 minutes via the GetObject resource. Prior to last night we noticed it was taking much longer, so perhaps whatever was causing the slowness has been cleared up?

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2016-09-26 22:38:52 -0600 answered a question "Unauthorized Query. You are not authorized access to the field [L_UpdateDate].

This has happened two days in a row to our account with the same field for RES and LAND. Both times have come after an extended RETS server outage/metadata refresh. I have notified NEREN support as I am not sure who is responsible for the actual permissions.

This is something that cannot continue to happen and needs to be fixed.

Thank you, David

2016-09-26 20:05:18 -0600 asked a question NEREN Innovia Commercial ShowTownYN mapping

Is there a paragon field mapping to use for the commercial Innovia field ShowTownYN? Unfortunately it is not in the conversion spreadsheet we received.

2016-09-26 18:38:12 -0600 commented answer NEREN RETS Server Temporarily Disabled. RETS is unavailable

Thank you. It would be very helpful to receive notifications (such as today) when the server will be down and also the ETA on how long it is expected to be down so that we can plan accordingly.

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2016-09-25 23:15:07 -0600 asked a question NEREN RETS Server Temporarily Disabled. RETS is unavailable

I have received a RETS code 20050: Server Temporarily Disabled. RETS is unavailable error several times within the last week occurring roughly around 11pm EST. Is this going to be occurring on a regular basis? This is obviously extremely frustrating and we will need to schedule our jobs accordingly if the RETS server is consistently down during late evening/early morning hours.

Thank you, David

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2016-09-23 13:24:59 -0600 commented answer NEREN RES LFD_ fields all null

Thank you for the explanation. I hope something like this does not happen again.

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2016-09-21 12:35:13 -0600 commented question NEREN RES LFD_ fields all null

Couldn't agree more briansullivan. Lately I'd even question the 1 step forward part.

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2016-09-20 21:08:30 -0600 asked a question NEREN RES LFD_ fields all null

Hi, Not sure if I'm overlooking something, but after after downloading recent RES listings via RETS all LFD_ fields have no value. We are decoding all lookups, so I'm not sure if there have been recent metadata changes or if something is broken.


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2016-09-17 15:56:55 -0600 asked a question NNEREN price per sq ft

Hi, The Paragon/Innovia mapping guide states to use LM_Dec_26 for RES Innovia PricePerSF. However, we're finding that this value is always null. Additionally, there is a L_PricePerSQFT RETS field that at least is not null, but is usually wrong.

Can you provide guidance on how to map Innovia PricePerSF?

Thank you, David

2016-09-17 00:35:48 -0600 asked a question NEREN Active Agents Lookup Error

Hi, I am receiving the following RETS error when attempting to download agent rosters:

Lookup: value N not found in Lookup table for State for Resource 3 [U_state].

Thank you, David

2016-09-16 12:40:28 -0600 commented answer Innovia/Paragon AssociationFees

Innovia RES has a field called AssociationFees and a field called FeeIncludes. Paragon has the 3 fields I listed above for the assn fee amount alone and the RETS metadata describes them basically as AssnFee, AssnFee2 and AssnFee3. Which of these 3 contains/will contain the assn fee?

2016-09-16 12:14:29 -0600 commented answer NNEREN LM_Char_30_7 inexplicably removed from RETS

Thank you - the communication is very much appreciated. Can you tell me when the daily changes to the metadata will be complete and RETS photos/data will be ready for production? We are 7 days away from cutoff and we're being left with very little wiggle room.

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