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2017-02-21 21:36:05 -0500 asked a question What WordPress Import Plugins/Tools do you use?

I tried WP All Import, but my concerns are:

  • It requires complex coding (a cost that I am trying to avoid getting started) to import changes only, rather than doing a full import. Right now, I am doing a full import every 12 hours to meet my Board's requirement of keeping data and photos updated at least twice a day. I can only manage to import approximately 1,200 properties in time before the next 12 hour import happens. This is not efficient.
  • It actually deletes my listings from time to time. It does not affect properties that I manually add, just the ones that get imported. WP All Import is setup to match against the MLS # and delete records that no longer appear (status change from Active to something else). I believe what happens is (for example), after 7 records during import, there may be a deletion requirement and for some reason it deletes everything else. In the end, I am left with ~7 properties on my site until the next import, which usually re-imports everything back in. WP All Import could not find the issue and kept trying to claim that my property import file contained ~7 records, but it always contained the full ~1,200. To their credit, they did refund my money in full.

I am looking for a more straight-forward solution that has some coding already done for real estate sites.

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2016-11-10 22:56:05 -0500 asked a question Issue Downloading IDX Data

I tried downloading the latest IDX data for all New Hampshire residential properties using CoreLogic's RETS Connector (1.2.7160). There appears to be a mapping issue with a value based on the error I received in the log file (the download fails). I could be wrong but it looks like the system cannot pass all decoded values which suggests a number is assigned for a record somewhere without a name equivalent.

I am interfacing with NEREN data. The error only happens when I attempt to download all active NH residential data. It works fine if I select just 5-10 towns for example.

I attempted to pull all data/all columns in the download.

Nov. 13 update: I am only able to successfully download if I remove the "Green Verif..." columns. All of these might not be an issue but at least one is causing the download to break.

  • Green Verification Body
  • Green Verification Metric
  • Green Verification New Co
  • Green Verification Progrm
  • Green Verification Rating
  • Green Verification Status
  • Green Verification URL
  • Green Verification Year
  • Green Verificatn Body 2
  • Green Verificatn Body 3
  • Green Verificatn Metric 2
  • Green Verificatn Metric 3
  • Green Verificatn NewCon 2
  • Green Verificatn NewCon 3
  • Green Verificatn Progrm 2
  • Green Verificatn Progrm 3
  • Green Verificatn Rating 2
  • Green Verificatn Rating 3
  • Green Verificatn Status 2
  • Green Verificatn Status 3
  • Green Verificatn URL 2
  • Green Verificatn URL 3
  • Green Verificatn Year 2
  • Green Verificatn Year 3

Summary of error:

RETS Status code = 20203: Undecoded values were sent: Miscellaneous Search Error. Lookup: value HERS not found in Lookup table GrnBody2_Lkp_1 for Resource 1. [LM_Char10_12]

Output of log file:

Running task "Test"
User name: MyUserName
Full pull
Local time: 11/10/2016 11:42:12 PM
Server time: Fri, 11 Nov 2016 04:42:14 GMT

Running step "1. RE"
Data file: C:\Users\MyUserName\Desktop\Imports\properties214.csv
Search query: (LM_char10_52=|NH),(L_StatusCatID=|1)
2500 records downloaded
Error detected: server failed the request
Request: SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&QueryType=DMQL2&Query=(LM_char10_52=|NH),(L_StatusCatID=|1)&Select=L_Address,L_AddressDirection,L_AddressNumber,L_AddressSearchNumber,L_AddressStreet,LV_vow_avm,LV_vow_comment,LFD_Amenities_1,LFD_Appliances_2,LM_Char1_4,LM_char30_1,LM_char30_6,LFD_AreaDescription_203,LM_Int4_1,LM_Int2_1,LM_Char1_16,L_listings_associated_doc_count,LM_Char10_17,LFD_AuctionInfo_197,LM_Char10_3,LM_Char25_2,LM_Char25_5,LM_Char10_4,LM_Char1_6,LM_Char10_5,LFD_BasementDescription_3,LM_Int1_2,LM_Int1_3,LM_Int1_4,LM_Int1_1,LM_int4_36,LM_Int2_8,LM_Int1_6,LM_Char25_10,VT_ExtVTourURL3,LM_char5_8,LM_Dec_5,LM_char5_3,LM_char50_11,LM_char50_17,L_City,L_ListAgent2,L_ListOffice2,LM_Char10_16,LM_Dec_12,LM_char1_29,LM_char1_31,LM_Dec_19,LM_char100_1,LM_char1_41,LM_char10_64,LM_Char25_8,LFD_Construction_4,LM_char50_8,LFD_Contingencies_5,LFD_Cooling_6,L_Area,LM_char10_67,LM_Char1_12,LM_char1_44,LM_DateTime_2,LM_DateTime_3,LM_DateTime_10,L_ClosingDate,L_ContractDate,LM_DateTime_4,LM_DateTime_8,L_InputDate,L_ExpirationDate,LM_DateTime_7,L_ListingDate,LM_DateTime_6,L_PriceDate,LM_DateTime_9,L_StatusDate,LM_DateTime_1,L_UpdateDate,LM_DateTime_5,LM_Char25_11,LM_Char10_18,LM_Char10_19,LM_Int4_13,LM_Char1_1,LM_Char50_4,LR_remarks2020,LV_vow_address,LV_vow_include,L_LastDocUpdate,LFD_DocumentsAvailable_7,L_DOM,L_DOMLS,LFD_Driveway_8,LM_Char1_17,LFD_Electric_9,LM_Char25_13,LFD_Equipment_10,LM_Int4_18,LFD_Exposure_11,LFD_Exterior_12,LFD_FeaturesAccessibility_13,LFD_FeaturesExterior_14,LFD_FeaturesInterior_15,LM_Dec_10,LM_Dec_11,LM_char5_4,LFD_Fee2Includes_16,LM_Dec_1,LM_char10_38,LFD_Fee3Includes_256,LM_char5_5,LFD_FeeIncludes_17,LFD_FeeIncludesLegacy_257,L_HowSold,LFD_Financing_18,L_FirstPhotoAddDt,LM_Char1_18,LM_Int2_17,LFD_Flooring_19,LM_Char25_14,LM_char30_28,LFD_Foundation_20,LM_char50_18,LM_Char1_2,LM_Dec_8,LFD_GarageDescription_21,LM_Char10_26,LMD_MP_AddressLine,LMD_MP_Latitude,LMD_MP_Longitude,LMD_MP_MatchCode,LMD_MP_MatchedMethod,LMD_MP_PostalCode,LMD_MP_PrimaryCity,LMD_MP_Quality,LMD_MP_SecondaryCity,LMD_MP_Subdivision,LMD_MP_UpdateDate,LMD_MP_ZoomLevel,LM_Char10_27,LM_char30_26,LM_char1_35,LM_Char10_29,LM_Char10_30,LM_char10_62 ...