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location=0 means that the actual photos will be transmitted to the client in the RETS response. location=1 means the URL to the photo will be transmitted instead.

To calculate the absolute maximum size you could need, you'll need to use the following formula:

[# Listings] * [# Pics Per Listing] * [128KB]

Substituting, with 1500 listings as an example:

1500 * 24 * 131072 = 4718592000 bytes

And reducing that to MB: 4500MB (or 4.39GB)

You can also query the Property resource in RETS to get the actual photo count per listing. This information is stored in the L_PictureCount field. The total size is not stored, however, but similar to the above, you can do a SUM(L_PictureCount) from your downloaded data and use the following calculation:

[SUM(L_PictureCount)] * [128KB]

or, assuming we had about 12 photos per listing and not the maximum of 24:

18000 * 131072 = 2359296000 bytes (or 2250MB or 2.2GB)

This calculation will get you closer to the space you would need. As always, you would also want to add a percentage for padding the available space so you don't run out.