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Pulling images one at a time using GETOBJECT can be slow due to transaction overhead and binary transfer times, especially when pulling images one at a time. The most efficient way is to pull them by URL if at all possible. Then it will better utilize the image caching capabilities. Once you have the URL, you can use it directly or download the binary files using the URL if you need to keep local copies for some reason.


  • Best Solution: Get the image URLs from Paragon's Media resource. If your profile currently doesn't have access to this, contact your MLS and they should be able to enable access.

  • Second best: Pull multiple photos and listings as URLs in one transaction using GETOBJECT. For example: ID=311069:*&Location=1.

  • Pull multiple photos and listings in one transaction using GETOBJECT for example: ID=311069:,311070:. This reduces some of the overhead associated with pulling individual images.