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Alright - I tried to comment but it pulled my link and now I can't see the post at all so let's try this posting as an answer:

We need an answer to HTTPS and we need it now. Google is expanding the insecure content warnings in Chrome to include all forms on sites in HTTP. You'll find the announcement on their blog at I warned about this in my initial post back in February but I'm done waiting now.

We need a timeline and it better be before October when those warning start firing out. If I haven't heard from you with a solid deadline by the 14th of May I'll be working with our client to switch systems and I'd advice others who may read this post to do the same.

Honestly - the warnings issue is bad enough but this is clearly something that's coming up repeatedly in requests and is negatively impacting your clients and the lack of action on it just isn't OK. I think I heard some times ago you're testing it but that's it - no word on how that's going or when the rest of us can expect it.