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We had a chance to review your account, and the RETS profile you're currently attached to has the following filters by default (aside from the ones you are adding to your query): ((L_StatusCatID=1,3),(LV_vow_include=Y))|((L_StatusCatID=2),(L_ClosingDate=2012-01-01+),(LV_vow_include=Y))|((L_StatusCatID=6),(LM_DateTime_7=2012-01-01+),(LV_vow_include=Y))

So the listings have to meet all of the above criteria, AND (L_City=Merrimack),(L_State=NH) OR (L_City=Nashua),(L_State=NH) OR (L_City=Manchester),(L_State=NH).

If you have a specific listing you're wondering why it did not returned, please let us know and we can review the exact listing!

Thank you,