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RETS doesn't sync with MLS

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we are using the Classic RETS feed as we received it from our MLS which is the Hudson County MLS. we are noticing that in the past months the number of properties that show on our website they are not what is actually in the MLS. it seems that the RETS doesn't update accordingly. so on the MLS, there are currently 3000 properties and on our website, it shows 7000. in addition, the Mapping and geolocation don't pull to show the map. as far as we know the rets should bring only Active listings but it seems that doesn't work.

Here is the information you will need to access the RETS feed: User Name: ILAN BENSHOSHAN Password: RETS Address:

I hope anyone can help

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asked 2022-01-05 11:45:38 -0500
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1 Answer


It looks like your RETS account profile only allows listings where Internet Display=Yes
Plus it is restricted to a specific list of offices, most likely ones that have opted in.
It looks like it does include Active and Sold
That would explain why the number of listings would be different in Paragon vs RETS output.

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answered 2022-01-07 15:56:41 -0500
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