Query errors with a timeout

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There are only about 760 records. username:KW.TeresaTurnis

Thank you Rohini

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asked 2022-02-02 11:06:34 -0500
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Looking into the issue.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-03 09:32:24 -0500) edit

I am able to reproduce it in the RE_1 class only.
If I set offset = 0 it doesn't seem to hang..
Not sure why it is happening yet.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-03 17:16:28 -0500) edit

Yes, it is happening only for RE_1

Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-03 17:18:07 -0500) edit

Can you try adding one of the LM_* fields to your select and see if it works with that.
Doesn't matter which one.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-04 09:21:11 -0500) edit

It works. If I do count=2 that works, if I do limit=27 it works, if I do limit=29 it times out. I am sure it has nothing to do with 29. http://wcfbor.rets.paragonrels.com/re... http://wcfbor.rets.paragonrels.com/re...

Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-04 10:34:03 -0500) edit

When I run your original query, if I use offset=1 and limit=31 or higher it times out.
When I add LM_Char10_2 to your original select, I don't get the timeout.
If you are working after adding a LM_* field, then we should be good until our DBA has time to do further analysis on this.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-04 10:45:31 -0500) edit

This query is created dynamically, so we cannot do a custom query for just this feed. So far, all other paragon feeds work fine. This is the first time we have encountered this.

Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-04 10:49:27 -0500) edit

Do you know when this timeout issue started happening?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-04 11:52:35 -0500) edit

This is the first time we are setting up this feed in our system. So, this started after we set it up last week. If I do not select any fields, it works, I get all data back. that is so strange. Also, this happens only for RE_1

Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-04 12:27:48 -0500) edit

I know. That is what I am seeing too. If all fields are returned, it doesn't hang.
Or if you add another field like LM_* to the pull it doesn't hang.
Not sure what the issue is yet. DBA still looking at it too.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-04 13:33:26 -0500) edit

For now if you can just configure it to return all fields instead of the few you need to get you working.
We will still try to figure out why it is happening and it only seems to happen on this MLS DB.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-04 17:34:38 -0500) edit

Actually, that is what we will be doing until this gets resolved. Thank you for your help. We will wait to hear back on this and then we can change this back to the standard query

Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-04 17:46:37 -0500) edit

We have another one with the same problem. Longview TX. If I make changes like prev. case, they work.

username: dandornoon


Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-08 17:02:58 -0500) edit

Can you check your WCFBOR and LGVBOARD pulls again with the restricted fields and see if you still get the timeouts?
I was able to reproduce them before but they both seem to be working now for me.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-02-09 17:25:36 -0500) edit

Thank you. They both are working fine right now. Again, Thank you very much for your help. Rohini

Rohini's avatar Rohini (2022-02-09 17:48:39 -0500) edit
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