Rendering RETS Feed

asked 2022-02-12 17:14:28 -0600

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I'm new to RETS and helping an agent get a site up and running. My understanding is the RETS provides only the raw data for the listings and it's up to the developer to render the results. The agent's current site is using a 3rd party service that is iFrame'd into their site. I understand this is not the best way to pull in the MLS data into a website, but my goal now is to get the site up and running ASAP, and I can utilize the RETS feed later to pull the info directly into the website.

Are there any 3rd party solutions that can render the RETS feed where I can just easily pull it into an existing site, for example, via an iFrame, in order to save me the time to implement and manually render the RETS feed results?

Any help would be appreciated.

URL: Acct: zebrorealty

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