!!! RETS Issues with "Level - 2nd Upper" field and "Rented-Leased" status

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We are experiencing some turbulence in the RETS system in the UAT environment for bridgeMLS, as we are working to complete integration between BK's Paragon and RETS implementations and our (dynaConnections) connectMLS and RETS implementations.

Level of Urgency

The issues described below will jeopardize the 3/9 deployment for the system-of-choice integration between our two products, if not resolved in the next day, or two.

This is Classic RETS, which we access via https://st20.rets.paragonrels.com/ret...

Our user accounts are


Issue 1

At the start of today, we noticed that we were no longer seeing these fields in either Paragon or RETS:

  • LFD_LEVEL2ndUPPER_308 for RE_1
  • LFD_LEVEL2ndUPPER_309 for LR_5

After some back and forth with our primary contact, we now see these fields in Paragon for all of our test users. However, we only see them in RETS for our test user that has admin privileges (RDYNACONNECTIONS).

Issue 2

Beyond that, we are getting an error in RETS when trying to set the status of some property types to Rented-Leased, even though the business rules state that this should be a valid status for all property types.

We wonder if these are related issues, and if they could be caused by something like a change to a fieldset that modified access rights for our non-admin test users.

The error message we are seeing for this status transition is:

Rented-Leased:"errors":[["","L_Status","19775","0","(79) Status: This status is not available for this Class",""]],"warnings":[]}


  1. The LEVEL2ndUPPER fields be available to all RETS users
  2. Rented-Leased be a valid status for all property types
  3. If there is an issue with fieldset/access rights, that it be resolved as quickly as possible.
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asked 2022-03-01 15:47:01 -0500
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