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377 TN_CWTAR - No access to ActiveAgent/Agent, ActiveOffice/Office OpenHouse, and LiveStreamOpenHouse

asked 2022-04-22 10:55:56 -0600

Login: Smarteragent

All of the below resources:

Agent ActiveAgent* Office* ActiveOffice* OpenHouse* LiveStreamOpenHouse** Fail with error: 'replyCode': 20207, 'meaning': 'Unauthorized Query. You are not authorized to access class [ActiveAgent] in resource [ActiveAgent].'

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answered 2022-04-22 15:51:52 -0600

You will need to contact the MLS directly and request access to these additional resources.

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We are also experiencing the same issue @bwolven@SmarterAget

Our recently-provisioned feed is not allowing access to these resources and we have contacted Duane ( to try and enable. He responded:

Our association does not utilize Open House, Active Agent/Active Office.

Ylopo IDX Support gravatar imageYlopo IDX Support ( 2022-04-25 09:36:24 -0600 )edit
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