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Tehama County AoR - Data Field Access Request

asked 2022-08-24 13:38:20 -0600

Our data service team is reporting that we do not have access to the following fields / class with the following RETS credentials:

RETS Userid: REDFIN-RETS RETS Userid: ColdwellBanker

  1. Agent - Agent class -> full resource for historical data
  2. Office - Office class -> full resource for historical data
  3. LA2_AgentID to map co list agent id
  4. SA1_AgentID - to map Buyer agent mls id
  5. SA2_AgentID - to map CoBuyer agent mls id

Can you please activate those fields for the two RETS Userids. Thanks for your help!

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1 Answer

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answered 2022-08-26 08:22:44 -0600

You will need to contact the MLS directly for this.
The MLS will need to enable your profile to allow Agent and Office resource access.
As far as activating the LA2_AgentID, SA1_AgentID, and SA2_AgentID for RETS access the MLS would need to request they be added to RETS for property classes.

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