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Question about availability of open house data for Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS® MLS

asked 2022-08-30 20:24:45 -0600


We are currently pulling the RETS feed for Greater Baton Rouge Association of REALTORS® MLS from the server at using the username of [B15868].

We noticed today that this feed lost its OpenHouse resources; the open house data is no longer retrievable for any of the existing search classes, and the metadata for the feed does not contain a reference to the OpenHouse resource at all. Our attempts to download the open house data for search class RE_1 today have produced the following error: "Search failure[20207]: Unauthorized Query."

Have the open houses been intentionally removed from this feed?

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answered 2022-08-31 15:19:57 -0600

You will need to contact the MLS directly on this since it is going through RETSIQ.

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Asked: 2022-08-30 20:24:45 -0600

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