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Not getting latest Open Houses

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username: samgpone

Hi, I am not getting the latest open houses, I dont see any errors on my code.
usually i see errors if there is a new column, but nothing like that.

The last open house i got has a updateDateTime of 2022-10-11 04:55:43 the regular listings are updating ok and are downloading the latest. any ideas on what to look for? thanks.

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asked 2022-10-13 18:18:19 -0500
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1 Answer


Hello So your rets profile in pacmls has the appropriate level of access and has the open house resource I see over 300 open houses in upcoming days/weeks

When you pull listing 263702 (which has an open house for the 15th) what do you see?

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answered 2022-10-14 08:06:39 -0500
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I was able to find the listing in the database, but I dont see the open house in my database I can see an open house for the 2022-10-16 before that I see an open house for 2022-07-31

samarcos's avatar samarcos (2022-10-14 11:19:03 -0500) edit
samarcos's avatar samarcos (2022-10-14 11:43:55 -0500) edit

I think the issue is that you are not getting all the Open House records in the first place.
Then you are doing incremental pulls after that and they haven't recently changed.

In our logs I see this query that returns 2500 records, but the actual count is 3952.

Then I see this query:

There are limits to the number of records you can return in a single transaction which can be different for each class.
If that is exceeded a MAXROWS tag is returned in the data.
You would use the Limit/offset functionality to pull the records in batches.
Offset it 1 based.
Batch #1: Offset=1, Limit=1000
Batch #2: Offset=1001, Limit=1000
Batch #3: Offset=2001, Limit=1000
Batch #4: Offset=3001, Limit=1000

The same would apply to Property and any other RETS data pulls ... (more)

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-14 14:46:28 -0500) edit

I have the script go through the different resources (property, openhouse,agents,offices)

The first query (OH_UpdateDateTime=1950-01-01T00:00:00+) is at the end of the first Resource search is to get all the records from Property resource and remove the expired records.

the second query, shouldn't it only pull the latest, no all the results? i dont think we would have more than 2500 open houses in the last day.

samarcos's avatar samarcos (2022-10-14 15:43:49 -0500) edit

Here's what I see in our logs. Using RE_1, every 15 minutes I see 4 Open House search calls:
Two each from these IP addresses: and
Ordered from Newest to Oldest.
And the current date checks returned 3 records:

Resource Type Count Request RecordCnt Params

OpenHouse RE_1 1-(Data & Count) (OH_UpdateDateTime=2000-01-01T00:00:00+) 2500 SearchType=OpenHouse&Class=RE_1&Query=(OH_UpdateDateTime=2000-01-01T00:00:00+)&QueryType=DMQL2&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Limit=99999999&StandardNames=0&Select=OH_OpenHouseID

OpenHouse RE_1 1-(Data & Count) (OH_UpdateDateTime=2022-10-14T20:30:01+) 3 SearchType=OpenHouse&Class=RE_1&Query=(OH_UpdateDateTime=2022-10-14T20:30:01+)&QueryType=DMQL2&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Limit=99999999&StandardNames=0

OpenHouse RE_1 1-(Data & Count) (OH_UpdateDateTime=1950-01-01T00:00:00+) 2500 SearchType=OpenHouse&Class=RE_1&Query=(OH_UpdateDateTime=1950-01-01T00:00:00+)&QueryType=DMQL2&Count=1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Limit=99999999&StandardNames=0&Select=OH_OpenHouseID

OpenHouse RE_1 1-(Data & Count ... (more)

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-14 15:58:25 -0500) edit

I think whats happening is that the first query gets the missing listings, but the second query only gets the first 2500 listings and dont include the latest records Then the script removes the latest records because they are not in the second query. how can I modify my second query to get all the records but not the oldest From 2000 up, but the newest: Today down. how can I order them by date Latest first.


samarcos's avatar samarcos (2022-10-14 16:49:57 -0500) edit

Since you are only pulling the ID with that query, try passing Limit=NONE to see if it gets them all.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-14 17:01:37 -0500) edit

Looks like your app on passed the NONE and returned 3965 records.
The on on isn't updated yet.
Not sure why you have two boxes sending the same requests.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-14 17:42:37 -0500) edit

The one on 10 is my development server, the one on 9 is my production. I have both of them running just in case one of them crashes, i have a backup server.

samarcos's avatar samarcos (2022-10-14 17:49:57 -0500) edit

It looks like both servers are pulling all the records and I can see the open house map populated with open house listings. Thank you.

samarcos's avatar samarcos (2022-10-14 17:56:20 -0500) edit

Glad to hear you are working now.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-14 17:59:22 -0500) edit
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