Multi-Family Bedrooms and Baths Totals

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We asked the MLS the following and they asked us to reach out to you:

Can you tell me the best fields to use to "calculate" the total number of Bedrooms and Baths for your Multi-Fam home listings?

Multi_Family Property Type listing example from the Greatlakessir - MLS:

Listings example #1888632 In RETS I see:

Bedroom = (A) Bdrm 4=,(B) Bdrm = 3,(C) Bdrm = 2,(D) Bdrm = NULL,(E) Bdrm = NULL

Bathroom =(A) Bath = 1.5,(B) Bath = 1,(C) Bath = 1,(D) Bath = NULL,(E) Bath = NULL

Could confirm the field names we should use or if this MLS has a "Total bedrooms" and "Total Bathrooms" field that we can use (total fields would be ideal).

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asked 2022-10-19 04:12:45 -0500, updated 2022-10-19 04:14:50 -0500
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What MLS, URL, and account name are you using? (NO PASSWORDS)

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-19 11:22:46 -0500) edit
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