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Two missing listings from feed...

asked 2022-10-19 11:27:48 -0600

Hello, we are missing two listings from our feed for Rockford Area Association of REALTORS, and are requesting that someone verify if: 1. These listings are present in our feed? 2. What is the status of these listings?

The listing in question are: 1. 7A112 Warrior Ct, Apple River, IL 61001 MLS# 202206729 2. 2A39 Hidden Spring Ln, Apple River, IL 61001 MLS# 202206213

Our login Credentials are as follows: Login URL: Login ID: rets1909-1

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answered 2022-10-21 11:00:23 -0600


Please make sure you're setting the correct class when searching - these two listings should be in LD_5. Let me know if that helps!

Thank you,

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Hello Sadie, we are using the following URL specific to LAND class downloads, please let me know if it seems off:

djn1990 gravatar imagedjn1990 ( 2022-10-21 12:19:51 -0600 )edit

It looks like the price range is what is cutting them out! They are 990 and 850!

Sadie gravatar imageSadie ( 2022-10-21 15:21:15 -0600 )edit

Ahh so simple. Its always the details that get you. Thank you so much.

djn1990 gravatar imagedjn1990 ( 2022-10-21 15:53:52 -0600 )edit
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