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Is it possible to enable basic authentication for TSMLS?

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My developers are working on a Tahoe Sierra MLS integration for one of our clients. My developers let me know that since the MLS uses Digest authentication, we would run into issues. Is it possible to enable basic authentication for TSMLS?

Please see below for some additional info -

  1. We are using classic RETS.
  2. RETS URL -
  3. Logon Code/Account Name – 10203

Thank you for your help! :)

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asked 2022-10-25 09:56:17 -0500
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updated 2022-12-13 16:29:06 -0500
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If you change the URL to HTTPS instead of HTTP we require Basic authentication.
So you should be able to test using that.
Although I don't know why there would be problems with Digest?

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answered 2022-10-25 11:14:10 -0500, updated 2022-11-02 12:04:20 -0500
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My developer tried changing the URL like you suggested, but they still received a "The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized." error response. Please see below for the information that my developer sent to me -

-- REQUEST: --

Accept: / User-Agent: RETS-Connector/1.2 RETS-Version: RETS/1.7.2 RETS-UA-Authorization: Digest 0c233b21539a0ef62d1e714d543d5c84 Authorization: Basic MTAyMDM6QkUwMjIwMjI= Host:

-- RESPONSE: -- The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized.

BrokerageEngineMLS's avatar BrokerageEngineMLS (2022-10-26 07:31:35 -0500) edit

It looks like your account: 10203 is disabled.
You would need to contact the MLS directly and request it be enabled.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-10-26 07:59:50 -0500) edit

I contacted the MLS, and they corrected that issue. Even with that corrected, it is still not working for my developers. Is there anything else you can think of that may help us to resolve this issue?

BrokerageEngineMLS's avatar BrokerageEngineMLS (2022-11-02 09:12:02 -0500) edit

Please try both the HTTP and HTTPS URL in a browser and see if you can login there when prompted.
If you can login with HTTP in the browser, but HTTPS fails, make sure your password case is exact.
If you can't login with either, something is wrong with your credentials.
I was able to login without issue with your account so I know they work.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-11-02 11:52:28 -0500) edit

Thank you, I was able to log in, but when I try to use the RETS Connector to pull up active TSMLS listing, I get the following error -

Search query: (L_Status=|1_0),(L_ListingDate=2022-08-01-2022-11-03) 0 records downloaded Error detected: server failed the request Request: SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&QueryType=DMQL2&Query=(L_Status=|1_0),(L_ListingDate=2022-08-01-2022-11-03)&Count=1&Select= RETS Status code = 20206: Missing equals sign after field name. Step finished at 11/3/2022 5:02:32 PM

Last URL requested:

  Task "TSMLS" failed

Do you know how this issue can be resolved? Thank you!

BrokerageEngineMLS's avatar BrokerageEngineMLS (2022-11-03 17:06:42 -0500) edit

There was an issue with your profile. It should be fixed now.
Please verify that it is working.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-11-03 17:14:31 -0500) edit

I show 17 listings for RE_1 with your query.
Looks like your account is currently restricted to 5 offices.
If you need access to more than that you would need to contact the MLS directly.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2022-11-03 17:18:30 -0500) edit
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