Co List Agent MlsId not populated for bk20 WebApi

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For auth token 91142699dde017f9ae99c2067214bed1 and bk20 (Baldwin AL), we are not seeing the co list agent MlsId. We get the MlsId for everything else in Property so it seems like a simple oversight in the config.

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asked 2022-11-17 07:42:47 -0500
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updated 2022-11-21 17:24:38 -0500
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Hello! Could you please supply your login name, and the URL you are currently using? Then we can take a look at what is currently set up!

Thank you,

Sadie's avatar Sadie (2022-11-25 13:21:21 -0500) edit

ClientID is u2g1ayEE2Vtx0pVvuqSy

There is only one url to your API:

jflaig's avatar jflaig (2022-11-26 07:22:43 -0500) edit
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