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NorthEastWI (NEWI) - Antowan Hallmon not found (case 08671485) [closed]

asked 2023-01-10 10:50:53 -0600

updated 2023-01-12 14:21:37 -0600

MLS: NorthEastWI (RANW) URL: UN: REALTOR Problem: We cannot collect the following agent using our assigned credentials. The MLS has provided screenshots showing the agent Antowan Hallmon Sr. is active we have tried various queries and this agent is never in any of the results. We have tried queries pulling by last name, by U_AgentID (using specific agent ID), U_UserCode and by (U_AgentID=0+) where Server responded with count 3421 and Antowan is not in those results. Request: Can you please attempt to collect this member using our specific user name. We have provided logs to show the results for this member. We are including the log using query (U_AgentID=121568). This members User code is 113596.

If you need any further details, please let us know.

Bertha DeSantiago Sr., Industry Support Representative

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answered 2023-01-10 15:30:06 -0600

Looks like your profile is filtering agents on (O_Char50_5=RANWMLS) and for that agent the field is blank.

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