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SMLSA 500 Errors

We have been getting error code 500 when trying to pull data from the Property class from the API feed since yesterday afternoon. Would you please take a look?

RESO API URL: Usename: smlsaRelianceNetwork

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asked 2023-03-29 09:54:25 -0500, updated 2023-03-29 13:15:49 -0500
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Hi Reliance, gave me "ListingId": "146032" along with all of the fields with no error. That's with my test credentials. If you want to pass along your username, I can test with that instead. No issues seen on the server.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-03-29 10:11:11 -0500) edit

Usename: smlsaRelianceNetwork

Thank you.

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-29 10:24:33 -0500) edit

Any update?

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-29 17:32:11 -0500) edit

Are you still having issues with this?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2023-03-29 17:35:04 -0500) edit

Yes, we are still seeing error:

{"error":{"code":500,"target":null,"message":"An error has occurred.","details":null,"innerError":null}}

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-29 17:44:27 -0500) edit

Any update? We are still having issue.

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-30 12:56:09 -0500) edit

Hi Reliance,

Sorry for the delay.

When I used your credentials, I was granted a token, and was then able to pull Metadata, query /Lookup (Count: 2,815) , /Property (Count: 66,491), /Office (Count: 636), /Media (Count: 458,534), /OpenHouse (Count: 140), and /Member (Count: 1,023) without error.

Can we please get your full quer(ies) please?

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-03-30 14:41:38 -0500) edit

Here's the queries we use for checking the count:

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-30 15:30:07 -0500) edit

Just FYI, we are able to pull data from OpenHouse and Media, but not Property.

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-30 15:31:49 -0500) edit

Hi Reliance, We're seeing the same. I'm watching this to see if it gets resolved.

bryce's avatar bryce (2023-03-30 16:13:13 -0500) edit

Do you know what caused the error?

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-30 16:16:46 -0500) edit

Thank you for the query, Reliance. Checking right now.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-03-30 16:17:00 -0500) edit
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Hi Reliance,

Can you please check to make sure you're using the right field names? Maybe the forum broke the URL's because I'm seeing the ModificationTimeStamp as ModificationTim[%E2%80%A6]. Could you repost using the preformatted text button (101010) in the reply ribbon?

We had received a notice from SMLSA that status values needed to be adjusted to match DD values. That has been done for StandardStatus, and MlsStatus. I see your query has the longer concatenated status value. Please repull the LookupValues from /Lookup. It's possible this is what's causing the error.

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answered 2023-03-30 16:29:46 -0500
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We re-pulled the metadata and updated the status values, we are now able to pull data without error. Thank you all for your help.

ntsui_reliance's avatar ntsui_reliance (2023-03-30 17:32:59 -0500) edit


bwolven's avatar bwolven (2023-03-30 17:40:26 -0500) edit

You guys changed the values of your MlsStatus field again. '(10) Active - Active' to 'Active'. You need to have better vendor communication if you're going to do random field value changes on core search fields.

bryce's avatar bryce (2023-04-03 14:24:54 -0500) edit

Hi Bryce,

I can't reproduce. Can you give me your GET request so I can troubleshoot?

GET: GET$count=true&$filter=LookupName%20eq%20%27MlsStatus%27&$orderby=LookupValue&$select=LookupKey

Results: "@odata.count": 6,

"LookupKey": "MlsStatus:Active"

"LookupKey": "MlsStatus:Expired"

"LookupKey": "MlsStatus:Leased"

"LookupKey": "MlsStatus:Off Market"

"LookupKey": "MlsStatus:Pending"

"LookupKey": "MlsStatus:Sold"

As a note about vendor communications, this data is not the property of Black Knight, Inc. It is the property of Strategic MLS. Black Knight, Inc. manages the data on behalf of Strategic MLS. We do not insert ourselves in the relationship between you and the MLS. We do, however, from time to time post notices that will affect all systems.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-04-03 14:35:00 -0500) edit

Joe, That goes with what I'm seeing. Thanks for the additional info. I'm using something like $filter=MlsStatus eq 'Active' now. A year ago to a few days ago I had to use the query $filter=MlsStatus eq '(10) Active - Active'. I'm ok now.

bryce's avatar bryce (2023-04-03 17:34:53 -0500) edit

Thank you for confirming, Bryce.

Per our answer above, during the investigation of this issue, SMLSA notified us the status values needed to be adjusted. We helped facilitate that change.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-04-04 08:03:51 -0500) edit
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