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How do I refine the property search feature on my website that feeds listings from Paragon through Downstream IDX to only show properties within my market area?

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I am in the process of creating my own website. I have contracted with Downstream IDK to allow MLS listings to show on my site and so that people can search MLS listings directly from my site. However, the feed shows listings way outside of my market area. Is there a way to refine what shows on the back end?

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asked 2023-04-07 13:06:46 -0500
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Hi Shenia,

Please talk to your vendor to make sure your product is configured for your needs. If they have specific questions related to what listings they pull for your website, they can reach out to your MLS. If Downstream IDX is from Solid Earth, then you have a vendor with a solid reputation.

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answered 2023-04-10 08:17:27 -0500
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