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Greater Greenville Association of REALTORS InternetEntireListingDisplay almost all null now

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My original full pul for this MLS (API feed dataset bk4) showed:

InternetEntireListingDisplayYN 2 Unique Vals: Empty/NULL-(302) '1'-(172101)

But today I did another full pull and got:

InternetEntireListingDisplayYN 2 Unique Vals: Empty/NULL-(169386) '1'-(5381)

This caused our system to try and delete/reject 169,386 records, tripping a breakpoint luckily before it did so.

Is this data accurate? should I purge 97% of our records? Or is it a glitch and can be ignored? I'll be ignoring until I hear otherwise.


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asked 2023-04-14 16:09:30 -0500
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Hi LenVinci,

That's a big change.

When was the original full pull done?

Is there a specific PropertyType these are showing up in?

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-04-19 15:06:29 -0500) edit

Hi Joe, The last full pull before this most recent one, was March 14th and although I don't tend to keep old data files around that long, I also didn't get an error saying it was about to purge 169,000 records so I'm guessing it was sometime after that.

No particular property type. since there were 169364 with a NULL val and there were 169256 with a StandardStatus of 169256, I suspect that's the connection.

I'm doing another full pull right now to double check that it's still a problem and will let you know if it is or not. -Len

LenVinci's avatar LenVinci (2023-04-19 15:16:09 -0500) edit

Thank you, Len.

If you find it is an issue still, please post your query so I can reproduce and dig further. Thanks.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-04-19 15:28:03 -0500) edit

No change in the latest pull. The Active vs Closed doesn't quite match but it's close:

StandardStatus 3 Unique Vals: 'Active'-(4213) 'Closed'-(169482) 'Active Under Contract'-(1351)

InternetEntireListingDisplayYN 2 Unique Vals: Empty/NULL-(169168) '1'-(5878)

My query filter:


LenVinci's avatar LenVinci (2023-04-19 15:32:04 -0500) edit

Thank you. We're looking further into this.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-04-20 10:57:48 -0500) edit
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Hi Len,

This is resolved. You should see a significant lower count.

Example: eq null and StandardStatus eq 'Active'

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answered 2023-04-26 15:37:11 -0500
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Terrific. Thanks!!

LenVinci's avatar LenVinci (2023-04-26 15:38:38 -0500) edit
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