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Strategic/Shoals Log In Error

We are receiving a log in error when accessing our Strategic/Shoals rets feed. "There was an issue communicating with the RETS server: http (401)"

URL Client ID smlsaLiveby

Thank you for the assistance,


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asked 2023-05-15 09:19:39 -0500
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updated 2023-05-15 09:38:57 -0500
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Hi LiveBy,

I logged in with your credentials and cannot reproduce. Is the error still occurring? If so, please post the full query so I can use it.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-05-15 10:09:05 -0500) edit


Is there a direct email I can send screenshots to? We have "error" status with simply rets. When I test the data feed using RETS MD I get the error mentioned above. I've asked our data team for the full query and will update with that once they respond. I tried adding a link to google doc examples of the error but it doesn't look like it's attaching anything.

LiveBy's avatar LiveBy (2023-05-15 15:09:03 -0500) edit

You can send a screenshot to Fair warning, I won't be able to retrieve anything stored on publicly held storage due to data policies.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-05-15 15:10:40 -0500) edit
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This has been solved as a credential issue on client side.

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answered 2023-05-19 12:18:00 -0500
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