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Greater Owensboro - Sold Data

We are unable to query sold data on both feeds. Can you take a look?

Error: Unknown Query Field [L_ClosingDate]

Usernames: ZillowGroupIDXRETS and ZillowGroupUnrRETS

URL: https://gorealtors-rets.paragonrels.c...

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asked 2023-05-22 11:45:24 -0500
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updated 2023-05-25 04:33:44 -0500
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Hi Zillow Group,

Can you please retry?

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-05-22 11:50:11 -0500) edit

we're seeing that we can only query on the feed using RETS version 1.7.2. Should we be using the old URL?

questions4bk's avatar questions4bk (2023-05-22 16:20:01 -0500) edit

Hi Zillow Group,

Paragon RETS servers are compatible up to RETS v 1.8. We currently are transitioning to an HTTPS only setup. If you are using HTTPS, please see the troubleshooting steps here. If you're still getting an error, please verify any libraries or systems are using TLS 1.2. If errors continue to persist, please let us know what your query is, along with the RETS error number and message.

Based on the information I'm able to glean, this customer may be in the middle of their conversion to Paragon. As such, there may be some adjustments to be made on your side that a fully converted customer would not need.

Joe_Brueske's avatar Joe_Brueske (2023-05-23 08:35:42 -0500) edit
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Hi Zillow Group,

Please reach out to Owensboro's Project Manager Brandon Cook via e-mail with any questions

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answered 2023-05-23 10:52:35 -0500
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