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Field in returned Query not in METADATA (again)

This issue has come up again on the cren feed:


This time we are getting LO1_ShortName returned in the data for Class LD_2 in the Property Resource but it is not in the metadata for that class.

We use the metadata to automatically determine sizes for storage of the field. Can you add the field to the METADATA?

Is this going to continue being an issue?

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REW Marcel
asked 2015-08-13 16:57:56 -0500
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I see LO1_ShortName in the returned metadata for this resource and class. Metadata version info: <metadata-table system="CREN" resource="Property" class="LD_2" version="15.8.16922" date="2015-08-11T18:02:01.1Z">

mdean's avatar mdean (2015-08-14 13:41:35 -0500) edit

<field> <metadataentryid>016A664842951738</metadataentryid> <systemname>LO1_ShortName</systemname> <standardname></standardname> <longname>LO1Office Abbreviation</longname> <dbname>LO1OfcAbrv</dbname> <shortname>LO1OfcAbrv</shortname> <maximumlength>25</maximumlength> <datatype>Character</datatype>

mdean's avatar mdean (2015-08-14 13:41:41 -0500) edit

I do not see that entry in the returned metadata. I have data from the same Metadata Version and Date.

REW Marcel's avatar REW Marcel (2015-08-14 14:39:16 -0500) edit

Is this a permissions issue for the user account I'm using?

REW Marcel's avatar REW Marcel (2015-08-17 10:22:26 -0500) edit

The RETS server for CREN can produce customized metadata per your RETS profile settings, so it could be affecting what you see. I was able to login with your account and see that the field was missing from the metadata, even though your profile is granting access to it.

mdean's avatar mdean (2015-08-17 10:24:57 -0500) edit

This possibly means that the last time metadata was generated, your profile didn't have access to that field. Access could have been granted afterwards, but the metadata for your profile wasn't regenerated. That would cause this very scenario to occur.

mdean's avatar mdean (2015-08-17 10:26:08 -0500) edit

We'll look into getting the metadata updated for you.

mdean's avatar mdean (2015-08-17 10:26:24 -0500) edit

Thank you!

REW Marcel's avatar REW Marcel (2015-08-17 10:36:45 -0500) edit

I still haven't received the updated metadata.

Is this something that will keep happening? What can we do to keep this from happening again?

REW Marcel's avatar REW Marcel (2015-08-18 11:33:18 -0500) edit
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I regenerated the metadata for your profile and now see the LO1_ShortName field in Property:LD_2.

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answered 2015-08-18 12:38:31 -0500
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