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Count value not matching returned results

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I've had an issue with the RN_5 (Rental) class of the Property resource in our NGLRMLS (Northern Great Lakes Realtors MLS) feed since I set it up in the middle of November and I reported it to the board and been told they have contacted you about this but given how long it has taken and with no resolution so far I'm hoping to get assistance here.

Currently when I do a query I get a count returned of 30, but no matter what query only a single result of data is returned.

The login we are using is: T110915

Let me know if there's any further information you need.



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REW Kyle
asked 2016-01-14 08:59:00 -0500, updated 2016-01-14 09:00:10 -0500
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This has been corrected. There was a mistake in one of the settings in the RETS profile attached to your account that limited the maximum number of records to return to 1. I changed the setting to reflect the other classes and was able to pull multiple records.

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answered 2016-01-14 09:32:16 -0500
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Awesome, thanks!

REW Kyle's avatar REW Kyle (2016-01-15 08:39:32 -0500) edit
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