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'neighborhood' search is not possible

asked 2016-02-10 11:49:45 -0600

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Both WP Residence & WP Estate are two very hot themes right now from Themeforest.

Both cannot add Neighborhoods using our Paragon RETS.

I have spent over 20 hours trying to get a Neighborhood search setup.

Here, finally, is what their tech support sent me:

Please see our demo pages where is explained how IDX works:

- ...

- ...

- ...

IDX is a plugin that allows you to access a database with many conditions.

One of these condition is that theme advanced search doesn't work with this plugin.

They don't allows you to do what you wish and also this data cannot be access by anyone.

Because of the restrictions to database, as developers we cannot do a lot of things with a plugin.

Is there a specific theme we can buy that DOES easily allow Neighborhood searches on the site?

Thanks toby

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-02-18 08:17:13 -0600

this post is marked as community wiki

This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

Hi sorry for the delayed response...we finally figured it out. We were having difficulty pulling properties from specific subdivisions. Gotta love this it is the Rolls Royce of all mls's.

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answered 2016-02-15 08:41:20 -0600


We don't make, nor support WP Residence & WP Estate themes from Themeforest. The theme you're using on your site wouldn't have any impact on the data available to you via RETS.

I'm not sure what you mean by "neighborhood search", so I'm hoping you can provide more information. If you're trying to search for specific areas, cities, or communities, the data may be available. If you're looking for neighborhood details, like schools, restaurants, and demographic information, you won't find that in your Paragon RETS feed.

Help us understand what data you're looking for, and which customers you're working with, and we'll see what we can do.

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