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Feature Array

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Previously when I downloaded the listings file with the FTP, there was a field that had all the features of a home listed in one field. Each feature corresponded to value that represented if it was the power company, the water company, type of roof, parking, etc.. With RETS, each of these are a different field. Is there an option that would allow me to obtain this info similar to the way before without needing a database field for each feature?

asked 2016-04-12 13:37:31 -0500
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No. RETS doesn't have a single field. Each "LFD_*" field in RETS corresponds to a specific feature category attached to the listing and each category can have multiple selections.

If you do need them all as one, you would have to combine the contents of each "LFD_*" field in your client.

You would have to list each individual field. You can't use wildcards in a select. I was just pointing out that the individual fields used for features all start with "LFD_". Also, the field names are different for each property class and MLS.

So for example with the RE_1 class you would take the results from the following fields and combine them to get your one long value: LFD_Occupant_1, LFD_Showinginstructions_2, LFD_Location_3, LFD_Access_4, LFD_Landusetopography_5, LFD_Possession_6, LFD_Specialitems_7, LFD_Assocfeeincludes_8, LFD_Documentsonfile_9, LFD_Utilitiesavailable_10, LFD_Water_11, LFD_Sewer_12, LFD_GasCompany_13, LFD_ElectricCompany_14, LFD_WaterCompany_15, LFD_TVCable_16, LFD_Style_17, LFD_Construction_18, LFD_Foundation_19, LFD_Exteriorfinish_20, LFD_Roof_21, LFD_Garagetype_22, LFD_Heating_23, LFD_Cooling_24, LFD_Waterheater_25, LFD_Attic_26, LFD_Walls_27, LFD_DoorsAndwindows_28, LFD_Basement_29, LFD_Laundrylocation_30, LFD_Diningkitchen_31, LFD_Appliances_32, LFD_Bathfeatures_33, LFD_Floorcovering_34, LFD_Fireplacewoodstove_35, LFD_Interiorfeatures_36, LFD_Exteriorfeatures_37, LFD_Extras_38, LFD_Restrictions_39, LFD_Easements_40, LFD_Specialconditions_41

If you want the field lookup LongValue returned you would search with Format=COMPACT-DECODED if you want the Value returned (the numeric value for the features) you would set Format=COMPACT. The values are returned as a comma separated list.

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answered 2016-04-12 14:45:59 -0500, updated 2016-04-15 06:29:12 -0500
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One more question along this line. I can't find a way to use a wildcard in a SELECT option. Is it correct that a wildcard cannot be used to SELECT all LFD_* fields in a search? I need to specify each LFD_ field?


bildun's avatar bildun (2016-04-14 21:56:50 -0500) edit
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