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Where to find documentation for the RETS data returned

Hello! I'm building an system that integrates data from , username: PDS. Thanks to bwolven’s invaluable help I was able to set up the connection, but the data returned is not self-explanatory so I need some additional documentation.

For example, L_KeywordN fields contain values like "0", "1", and "N/A". Since these would make very bad keywords, I assume the L_Keyword fields were re-purposed to keep some other data. Other fields names are not helpful per se, e.g. LM_CharN_K don't tell anything about what kind of information they store.

I assume there must be some description of these fields, that would explain the data format. How can I access it?

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Dmitry K.
asked 2016-04-25 02:00:20 -0500, updated 2016-04-25 02:00:56 -0500
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This is where the RETS metadata comes in. It is used to describe the data being returned.

Using L_Keyword1 as an example we see that it contains Water Frontage information:

<metadata-table system="LAAR" resource="Property" class="RE_1" version="16.2.37045" date="2016-02-25T17:25:08.1Z"> <field> <systemname>L_Keyword1</systemname> <longname>Water Frontage</longname> <dbname>WtrFrntg</dbname> <shortname>Wtr Frntg</shortname> <interpretation>Lookup</interpretation> <lookupname>Keyword_1_1</lookupname> ... </field> </metadata-table>

We also see that it has a lookup Keyword_1_1 attached to it. In the lookup we see values like this:

<rets replycode="0" replytext="SUCCESS" &gt;="" <metadata=""> <metadata-lookup_type system="LAAR" resource="Property" lookup="ACCESS_Lkp_5" version="16.2.37049" date="2016-02-25T17:29:19.4Z"> <lookuptype> <longvalue>City Street</longvalue> <shortvalue>CS</shortvalue> <value>996</value> </lookuptype> <lookuptype> <metadataentryid>017508F1D765FF070002</metadataentryid> <longvalue>County Road</longvalue> <shortvalue>CNR</shortvalue> <value>997</value> </lookuptype> ... </metadata-lookup_type> </metadata> </rets>

When searching, data can be returned in different formats: Format=COMPACT - Returns data indicated by "Value" in the lookup. Format=COMPACT-DECODED - Returns the decoded lookup value which is the "LongValue" for the field as shown in the lookup data.

In the field data Interpretation can also be set to LookupMulti, which means the field can have multiple values assigned. If there are multiple values assigned to a field, a comma separated set of values would be returned of either "Value" or "LongValue" depending on the format specified.

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answered 2016-04-25 08:24:01 -0500
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