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RETS request returning error 412 - Help?

We use custom PHP scripts to query RETS and it has been working flawlessly for several years now. As of August 3rd we stopped receiving data and got the following message returned: "412 - Precondition set by the client failed when evaluated on the Web server." We have not made any changes or adjustments on our end and we seem to still be logging in ok. The RETS base URL we are querying is Our query string is "StandardNames=0&SearchType=Property&Class=RE_1&Format=COMPACT-DECODED&Query=*&QueryType=DMQL2". One service person looking at the issue stated that they are able to run the query successfully and that the problem may lay in the headers being send. We use cURL to post the query information, and do not understand what "headers" are in this context or what we would need to change. Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!

UPDATE: Thanks for the insight, bwolven. I thought I'd add some more information to help. Below is what is what we are getting in the cookie file: FALSE / FALSE 0 RETS-Session-ID -855452d4-76a6-4114-a58d-46e440ce2b83-

I'm not sure if receiving the "FALSE / FALSE" is an issue or not. I'll also include what is being returned on the login below (I've replaced the member name and user numbers):

< RETS ReplyCode="0" ReplyText="Login Request" > < RETS-RESPONSE > MemberName=Abcd E Fghijk User=111111111,1,1,111 Broker=347,347 MetadataVersion=16.3.22666 MinMetadataVersion=16.3.22666 TimeoutSeconds=7200 GetMetadata=/rets/fnisrets.aspx/STEAMBOAT/getmetadata GetObject=/rets/fnisrets.aspx/STEAMBOAT/getobject Login=/rets/fnisrets.aspx/STEAMBOAT/login Logout=/rets/fnisrets.aspx/STEAMBOAT/logout Search=/rets/fnisrets.aspx/STEAMBOAT/search < /RETS-RESPONSE > < /RETS >

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asked 2016-08-12 16:32:21 -0500, updated 2016-08-15 16:42:40 -0500
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Generally this error would be returned if you try to run a transaction like search without a valid session from the login transaction. Or if login fails, but you send a search transaction antway.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-08-13 14:02:23 -0500) edit

I see login and search transactions for your account, but no logouts.The session you displayed above isn't valid. Can you try removing the session that you have listed and try again. I see that same session ID being used since 8/2. Can you also call logout when you are through.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-08-15 17:59:29 -0500) edit

It appears the logout request is returning nothing. We are initiating a logout cURL request to each time, but we are not getting anything returned any longer. How would we go about removing the session without a sucessful logout?

JamesPetree's avatar JamesPetree (2016-08-16 09:41:42 -0500) edit

I don't see any logout transactions since 8/2/16. Maybe because search is failing it gets skipped. You mentioned a cookie file and what I meant is that you can delete the cookie and see if it starts working again. Also please change the start of your URL to "".

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-08-16 10:08:43 -0500) edit

From what I can tell from our logs, you appear to be working now?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-08-16 11:14:56 -0500) edit
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YES! Thank you very much for your support! We greatly appreciate it.

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answered 2016-08-16 11:27:52 -0500
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