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NERREN field names are mapped to 2 different Paragon fields one is correct the other is not

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if you are using the mapping nneren to paragon mapping rules spreadsheet there are questionable associations of fields that Dramatically change the content of the data received.

a specific example are the room level fields

Room floor levels are mapped to 2 different fields, For example KitchenLevel is mapped to LM_Char5_34 and LM_Char5_14 LM_Char5_14 is actually a room type field And LM_Char5_ is the room level field.

I have found many conflicts and the best way to see the is sort the spreadsheet by the PhysicalNumber and the conflict will quickly show up.

i am also double checking the fields against the current NNEREN database to see if they are the same.

you will notice that many NNEREN fields are replaced by a single field in the new feed.

also search the NNEREN field name as it may appear more than once, and the associations are very different for example the interior features field appears with multiple associations, some are clearly wrong.

Good luck if you have found some strange stuff and want to email me to talk about it send it to

clifton mcnaughton

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asked 2016-08-24 11:55:59 -0500
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Hi Cliff, I see how the room mapping is confusing, but it is an accurate representation of the way NEREN has decided to restructure their database. The hard-coded room fields have been replaced with 22 sets of new generic Room fields. For example, the legacy field KitchenLevel is being used to populate the new Room Type = Kitchen and set the Room Level value. NEREN decided to make many changes to better structure their listing data, including a complete re-vamping of the feature fields. Most feature options moved destinations and sometimes a single legacy option was placed into two different destinations. The mapping document was provided to be some assistance in your transition, however some data changes are too complicated to be represented in the spreadsheet. If you need assistance with locating a specific field please let us know.

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answered 2016-08-31 11:33:54 -0500
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