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LM_Char10_26 (Garage Type) is always null

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Hi, I'm finding that LM_Char10_26 (Garage Type) is always null. This is a critical field which includes Detached, Attached, Carport, etc. Am I overlooking something or is a lookup not being populated issue?

Thank you, David

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asked 2016-09-08 22:55:20 -0500
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i am getting data for it and the GarageTypeLFD also. i am currently working on the muti-family and it is there. can't say about the others but will let you know if i don't see it there.

bscdata's avatar bscdata (2016-09-13 13:52:00 -0500) edit
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The Garage Type field was mistakenly missing from some RETS Profiles. NEREN staff confirmed this field should be available and it has now been included in all exports for the appropriate property classes. Please let us know if you are not able to see data within this field.


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answered 2016-09-13 17:18:45 -0500
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It is indeed now populating. Thank you.

njsent's avatar njsent (2016-09-14 16:00:21 -0500) edit
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