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NNEREN Land lookup fields are missing data

asked 2016-09-13 07:42:58 -0500

I am making queries like this:

For next fields there are always empty data, while for old server there are some data available:

"LFD_Amenities_234", "LFD_AuctionInfo_37", "LFD_DocumentsAvailable_39", "LFD_Electric_40", "LFD_Exposure_42", "LFD_Financing_45", "LFD_AreaDescription_47", "LFD_PermitStatus_49", "LFD_LandRestrictions_46", "LFD_Roads_51", "LFD_Sewer_52", "LFD_ShoreRights_53", "LFD_Water_58", "LFD_Services_57", "LFD_SuitableUse_253", "LFD_LotDescription_233" "LFD_SaleIncludes_207", "LM_Char10_19",

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answered 2016-09-13 17:14:25 -0500

Hi Andrew. The data within those fields may not be exposed for the RETS Profile assigned to your user. If you need access to these fields please send notice to NEREN and include your RETS login name so they can research your specific profile.


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Asked: 2016-09-13 07:42:58 -0500

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