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Does Paragon RETS Support In Key Index?

asked 2015-06-16 15:31:09 -0600

updated 2015-10-30 15:19:52 -0600

The RETS 1.8 Specification indicates an ability to get an unlimited number of key values, using LIMIT = "NONE". Does Paragon RETS support this functionality?

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answered 2015-06-16 15:59:19 -0600

Yes. Paragon RETS now supports the InKeyIndex functionality.

Values within the RETS metadata determine if the functionality is enabled for a particular resource/class and which fields are allowed to be returned.

If metadata-class has: HasKeyIndex=1 then InKeyIndex is enabled for that class.

If the selected search fields contain ONLY fields flagged in metadata-table with InKeyIndex=1 and the search has LIMIT=NONE, then the limit is suspended for that search transaction.

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