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Null (empty) values being pulled

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Hi everyone,

We were pulling information through PHRETS, and one of our clients noticed that several fields were empty for several listings (example provided below). We were directed here and told that it could be an issue on "Black Night's" end. Here is an example of the empty values we are getting vs. the values from another source, WIREX/SAAR:

Values we pulled using PHRETS:

And here is a screenshot of the listing from another source:

We are looking for the values in the 2nd source, that are not turning up in the 1st.

RETS URL is ""

Account name is 'rnettleton'

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asked 2016-09-28 16:05:47 -0500
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updated 2016-10-13 11:20:44 -0500
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Anybody? Please help.

feedonomics's avatar feedonomics (2016-10-03 18:34:44 -0500) edit

Are you still having issues with this? Field access can be restricted by user profile. The column will be there, but the data would be empty.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-10-04 13:51:07 -0500) edit

Hi, thanks for the response! Yes we are still having issues. Who could open up field access if they were restricted?

feedonomics's avatar feedonomics (2016-10-04 17:09:46 -0500) edit

Can you give me a little more information? What URL are you using in PHRETS and the account name?

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-10-05 11:44:44 -0500) edit

Hi bwolven, the URL is and the account name is 'rnettleton'

feedonomics's avatar feedonomics (2016-10-13 10:10:37 -0500) edit
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You would need to speak with the MLS to change the availability of the data fields.

Update 2016-10-13 11:20 CST - I checked your account and all the fields are enabled for your profile. But when I look at the search request you are sending. It looks like you are only requesting specific fields for return in the select parameter. Since I'm not exactly sure which data values you are missing I can't be sure whether you are requesting them or not.

Here are the only fields I see being requested since 2016-09-21:


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answered 2016-10-04 17:29:18 -0500
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updated 2016-10-13 11:17:53 -0500
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Thanks for checking! Using L_ListingID=51008 as an example, here are some null values: LMD_MP_PostalCode, VT_VTourURL, LMD_MP_Subdivision, L_SoldPrice, LM_Char50_1, L_OffMarketDate, L_HowSold, LMD_MP_SecondaryCity, L_ContractDate, L_ClosingDate, LMD_MP_PrimaryCity, LO1_OrgAddress2, LMD_MP_AddressLi

feedonomics's avatar feedonomics (2016-10-19 16:10:51 -0500) edit

All of the fields you listed except L_OffMarketDate which has a date, are empty for that listing.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-10-19 16:50:15 -0500) edit

Thanks bwolven!

feedonomics's avatar feedonomics (2016-10-28 09:33:05 -0500) edit
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