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No objects available for GACAR

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This was working the other day and now it's not returning photos:

<RETS ReplyCode="20403" ReplyText="No object found [378594:1].">

Any known issues? I'm using L_ListingID to do the lookup.

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asked 2016-10-06 18:43:30 -0500
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Is this pulling them from the Media resource or using getobject. I checked listing=378594 in Paragon and it doesn't have any images. So that would be the correct response when trying to get objects.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-10-07 09:59:43 -0500) edit


The weird thing is I'm only having this problem when doing a query on a single property. The generic "grab all properties w/ timestamps > X" still works.

booey9's avatar booey9 (2016-10-07 10:09:33 -0500) edit

It does though. I'm showing 24 photos. We are transitioning from another MLS system and there are 24 in the old one, so there should be 24 in the new one.

booey9's avatar booey9 (2016-10-07 10:12:11 -0500) edit

if you check listing id 4602172 you will see that it does not have a 0 image ( suppose to be the primary image) or a 1. it starts with 2. and sequence starts at 2. i also checked 378594 and there are no images for it. there are over 90 listings that should have images, or don't have primary imags

bscdata's avatar bscdata (2016-10-07 12:09:24 -0500) edit

I don't think 4602172 is from GACAR. I don't see a listing with that ID.

bwolven's avatar bwolven (2016-10-10 08:31:38 -0500) edit

It looks like listing ID is the same as MLS number -- 378594 definitely has images. Unless I'm using the wrong ID?

booey9's avatar booey9 (2016-10-10 08:34:26 -0500) edit
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I have notified the SSM for GACARMLS about the issue.

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answered 2016-10-10 16:33:43 -0500
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