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How to Create an Recurring, Automatically Generated XML/CSV/Data File?

asked 2016-11-23 06:59:24 -0600


We're getting used to the using the RETS Connector client; having a tab/comma/space delimited file for parsing should be doable, but from what we can tell, we'll have to manually regenerate this feed every time we want the latest data added to the website.

We want a recurring task... this file should be regenerated automatically and be available in a URL.

We ultimately need an automatically regenerated and freely available URL we can pull the latest CSV/data from on a daily basis.

How do we generate this? This is for Eric Myers at RE/MAX nova: (my member name is Atlantic Studio (IDX)). We need his latest listings to populate the latest data every day.


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answered 2016-11-23 15:38:56 -0600

I'm not an expert on this but I know that RETS Connector has a built in scheduler that should be able to be used to do pulls at scheduled intervals. I have never used it myself. But I know that we have users that have been using it that way for years. If you look in RETS Connector Help under scheduling it talks about it.

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